The Gershwin – the place to stay in New York City

In the middle of Manhattan, The Gershwin is one of New York’s most interesting hotels. Located just off 5th Avenue, in a 13 storey building, the hotel is run by pop art fans, and this is evident when you see the walls – each floor of the hotel has walls lined with the prints of a different artist. You can find Andy Warhol, Stefan Lindfors, Banks Clayton, Billy Name, Michael Lin, and others.

And one of the nice things about The Gershwin is that it offers a wide range of accommodation all under one roof, from Superior, through Standard and Essential, to Auberge. What this means is that not only does The Gershwin offer some nice hotel rooms, including an executive den, and a family suite, but also nicely designed, wooden beamed dorm rooms with bunk beds, where you can get a bed for $49 a night – and that includes tax! There is even a floor reserved for up-and-coming models who are trying to make it in The Big Apple.

The hotel is currently awaiting a permit to open its own restaurant, but there are loads of great places to eat nearby.

The hotel has wireless internet access, color TV, air conditioning, and a host of other services. You can even reserve online, and there are special deals and packages available.

But The Gershwin is also more than just a hotel, it is a venue, and holds performance, music and poetry readings in its Living Room. They even have Artists in Residence – which is pretty impressive for a hotel.

So if you want to stay in New York City, and still have some money left over for some great meals, shopping and entertainment, how about the The Gershwin?

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