Malta – for budget winter breaks in the Med

Malta offers excellent value for money for a winter getaway to the beautiful Mediterranean. This small island nation, located south of Sicily, is currently the smallest country of the European Union, and its official languages are Maltese and English.

Malta’s many days of sunshine make it a popular location for shooting films, and Troy, Gladiator and Alexander were all filmed here.

Malta is also rapidly becoming known for its clubbing, and some world famous DJs are doing gigs here at the latest up-and-coming nightspots, as well as some of Malta’s own DJ’s, such as DJ Ruby, coming to international attention. In this respect, Malta is now becoming a strong rival to Ibiza.

Malta has stunning scenery wherever you go, and it is steeped in history – St Paul reputedly spent some time in the area, and the Knights of St John defended Christendom here.

Malta has a very Mediterranean lifestyle, with plenty of carnivals throughout the year.

Maltese cuisine is very much a mix of different types of Mediterranean cooking, and many popular Maltese dishes are of Italian, Sicilian or Moorish origin.

Sights to see include the Blue Grotto which is a series of seven caves and inlets on the southern side of the island – visitors come here to see the fabulous deep blue waters and spectacular natural rock formations. The Blue Grotto can be reached by means of small traditional boats, with onboard Maltese guides. These boats leave from the pier which is just off the main road along the south coast.

Another sight to see in Malta is what is known as Clapham Junction, which is an area of southern central Malta where deep ruts in the bedrock appear to have been formed in the remote past by wagons or carts.

One of Malta’s most beautiful sandy beaches is Golden Bay, which is on the northwest coast of the island.

If you are feeling tempted to head for Malta and you are UK based, then
Chevron Air Holidays, who operate exclusively in the Maltese Islands, are currently offering seven nights half-board at the three-star Relax Inn Hotel in the north-eastern resort of Bugibba for £192 per person, or, if you prefer four-star, they are offering seven nights half-board at the Topaz Hotel in Bugibba for £201 per person.

With its history, its wonderful views, and its sunshine, Malta is a great place to go for a winter escape.

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