Escape this winter to the warmth of Gambia

If you live in a part of the world that is cold at this time of year, your thoughts might be turning to the idea of a winter escape. What could be better than leaving the snow and ice behind and heading off to a sunny, colourful location? Then how about lovely warm, relaxing Gambia, with its delightful beaches of white sand where you can watch the multi-hued fishing boats bob by on a blue sea? Gambia offers some great windsurfing too.

If you like to enjoy the natural environment, then one of the things that you must see in Gambia is the Abuko Nature Reserve, where in amongst the fantastic plants, you can spot interesting lizards, monkeys and the most beautiful birds. There are also various safari excurions available where you can go to the Presidents Wildlife and Nature Reserve, and even visit a school and a village to see what local life in Gambia is really like.

The capital city of Banjul is noted for its great eateries where you can try many delicous local foods, such as the famed Gambian stew. There are also restaurants catering for various international tastes. One interesting thing to try is domada, which is a dish made using mashed peanuts, and is a little reminiscent of satay. Banjul also has its famous Albert Market where you can find wooden carvings, jewellery and fabulous traditional rainbow coloured Gambian clothes.

If you live in the UK, you will find that many of the tour companies are offering really good deals to Gambia at the moment. One of the best that I found was seven nights bed and breakfast in a three-star hotel on the Gambian coast for only £393 per person, with Thomson, and this sort of price is representative of the deals on offer at the moment from the UK travel companies. Given that eating out in Gambia is very reasonable priced, a holiday such as this offers very good value for money.

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