Consider some all-inclusive relaxation, and save yourself some money

An all-inclusive holiday sounds expensive at first glance, but when you realise how little else you will be spending, it can turn into a real bargain. The outlay is all up-front, so that when you get there you can spend relatively little, with the minimum being just money on souvenirs, and minor expenses out of the resort.

It could be for these reasons of clear budget that all-inclusive resorts and hotels are proving quite popular with families. The all-inclusive resorts tend to provide plenty of organised activities for children, and the fact that there are so many children means that your offspring are never bored, and have plenty of other kids to play with. Members of the family of all ages can do what they want, and everybody is happy.

On the other hand, not everybody wants to be at a resort that is dominated by hordes of children, so some operators, such as Sandals in particular, have all-inclusive resorts especially for couples. Thomson Gold Holidays are specially for couples too.

A possible disadvantage to an all-inclusive might be that you hardly ever leave the resort, as everything is close to hand, and you don’t feel like paying to go out, making you less likely to explore the local nightlife and restaurants. However, if you just want a chilled out vacation, not constantly having to deal with bills is just great, and you will nevertheless find yourself exploring the local area and going on trips when you feel like venturing out.

An important thing to bear in mind is that, once you have booked your all-inclusive, you are, in effect, stuck with that particular hotel for your meals and refreshments, so it pays to check out the hotel in advance, paying particular attention to what other guests say about the food. In this respect, Trip Advisor and Holidays Uncovered are very useful.

A quick perusal of the bargains shows that Thomson are offering all-inclusive deals in the Dominican Republic for only £581 per person for seven nights in May, and one week’s all-inclusive in Egypt in June for an incredible £371.

So bag yourself a bargain all-inclusive and concentrate on relaxing, not paying bills.

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